11th April 2014

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The basic bitches at RKO ain’t got shit on these TOHO ladies when it comes to werkin for your island monkey god.

9th April 2014

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I generally like to think I’m someone that is open to thinking outside of the box and someone that likes to challenge the archaic socially constructed paradigms within our culture. Therefore I find myself slightly disappointed in my less than enthusiastic perspective of Truvada. I’d loved to have my mind changed and I’m even willing to accept that maybe I have my own deep-seated internal sex-negative emotions combating Truvada as a solution to HIV (that’s normally the first thing I see hurled at people that aren’t on the Truvada bandwagon).
Now I certainly think Truvada is a major break through in HIV prevention and should be available via prescription for those that want it. I get more troubled with the resounding expectation that all gay men should be on it.
Well first off, good luck on getting gay men from all walks of life experiences to agree on anything (ex. see Looking).
Now when I challenge myself to imagine if this drug was actually a vaccine and ask myself “Would you take this?” I always answer with a “Yes, of course”. “Would you expect other gay men to?” “Yes”. I’d probably expect people of all shades of sexual variety to take such a vaccine.
And there I find myself locked in my own backwards thinking. Why would I be comfortable with a vaccine versus a long-term pill?
I think it comes down to a basic fear of sexual responsibility degradation. Of course I know you’re saying “Isn’t taking the pill being responsible?” You have a valid point.
Even with a vaccine I would still preach (and hope others would) extensive condom use and sexual responsibility. You know, pick your sex partners well. Sex doesn’t have to be important, it can be recreational but for god sakes, be selective. That hot guy on Grindr that says he’s into group play and is sending you dick pix at 4am on a Tuesday evening probably shouldn’t be your first choice.
Surely the hordes of men that died in the 70s and 80s didn’t think “Oh I can just mosey on down to the clinic and get a shot in the butt for this syphillis?”, as if that were the extent of harmful downsides to sexual liberation culture. We aren’t indestructible and our given right to sexual freedom isn’t without consequences. We are a minority breeding pool that (I don’t have numbers but I’m going out on a limb here) are highly sexual within a confined population. Clearly (maybe not clearly…again I don’t have facts but I’m guessing) we are a population at higher risk for sexual infections, including those that are currently unknown.
Therefore, I truly think my reluctance comes from the fear of “what’s next around the bend?” This is the fear that a super pill that makes us invincible to HIV will lower sexual responsibility standards and may leave us vulnerable in the wave of another unknown infection. We can’t afford another epidemic.
Now I hope after you’ve read this you haven’t taken away that I’m an anti-Truvada. I’m not.
I would recommend maybe lightening up on some of us skeptics though. Be understanding with us. Our distrust and anger really comes from a place of fear; a fear of a real time and place of epidemic, death, ignorance, and hate.
And for the folks that are anti-Truvada, try not to be total dickheads about it. Don’t name call. I advise you to challenge the way you think about the drug. Maybe write down how you feel about it and then look at your words. I know just in my brief sitting typing all this into my phone I’ve found holes in my logic and certainly think differently about it than I did when I woke up this morning.

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6th April 2014

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I dream of the day this happens on the CTA Redline!

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5th April 2014

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Cleaning toys

Cleaning toys

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4th April 2014

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Does this count as an accomplishment of the “Gay Agenda”?

4th April 2014

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Best one yet!!!

I hate getting so hyped about a movie I haven’t seen yet (thanks Prometheus), but this shit just looks off the fucking chain awesome.

4th April 2014

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Today’s accomplishment.

Today’s accomplishment.

3rd April 2014

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J P -3 0 A T L- B - DAY

31st March 2014

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+ and watching Power Rangers The Movie. I’m so emotionally involved right now.

+ and watching Power Rangers The Movie. I’m so emotionally involved right now.